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Today is   20-01-2017 (standard time)
Weekday   Friday (standard time)
Time   04:37 am (standard time)
Today is   20-01-2017 (LT)
Weekday   Friday (LT)
Time   04:37 am (LT)
Today is   20-01-2017 (UTC)
Weekday   Friday (UTC)
Time   03:37 am (UTC)

Today is Friday the 20. January 2017 and it is now 04:37 am (standard time) according the time zone Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm and Vienna.

The next time change to summer time is on Sunday, 26. March 2017 at 02:00 am (standard time). The clocks are put forward from 02:00 am (standard time) to 03:00 am (summer time).

According the local time (simply abbreviated LT) is today Friday the 20. January 2017 and it is now 04:37 am (LT).

According of the Universal Time Coordinated, international time indicating, is today and worldwide (at every place of our planet earth) Friday the 20. January 2017 and it is now 03:37 am (UTC).

Sun position (path)
In Berlin (Germany 52.33 degrees North, 13.22 degrees East), after the morning twilight at 07:26 am (LT), will be today at 08:09 am (LT) sunrise. Today's sunset is at 04:27 pm (LT).

Until the next sunrise on 21-01-2017 at 08:08 am (LT), after the evening twilight at 05:10 pm (LT), it will be night.

Sunrise, sunset and sun position (true sun)
Location and calculate for Berlin  
True local time   Friday, 04:37 o'clock am (LT)
Calculation accuracy / graph   = ceil(x) x ceil(x) = 1 minute
Civil twilight (h >= -6° Start)   07:26 am (LT)  -64.4706 / -5.9516
Sunrise   08:09 am (LT)  -56.1117 / -0.2702
True noon   12:18 pm (LT)   0.1404 / 17.4553
Sunset   04:27 pm (LT)   56.3784 / -0.3506
Civil twilight (h <= -6° End)   05:10 pm (LT)   64.7415 / -6.0363
Sunshine duration   08:18 h
Day # 20
Week # 3
Julian day number DT 2457773.65073181735
Time variable (2000.0) n 6228.65073181735
Jul. centuries (JD0) T0 0.170527036276522930
Ecliptic Epsilon ~ 23.4365085397072731°
Declination Delta -20.0911°
Difference of the declination in 24h DDelta 0.2193°
Mean anomaly g 16.4880°
Ecliptic longitude of the sun Lambda 300.2678° (e ~ 0,0167)
Rektaszension Alpha -57.5406°
Mean star time Sternzeit 419.5976 h ( 11.5976 h)
Hour angle r 244.9158°
Azimuth a -97.1678°
Altitude angle h -30.9883°
Mean refraction 1010mbar/10C R ~ -8.0318'
Altitude angle / mean refraction hR ~ -31.1222°

Sun position (path) true noon

Sun position (path) true midnight

Ecliptic level

Red =Sun position - coordinates (already done)
Blue =Sun position - coordinates (future)
Green =Actual path of the sun, declination exceeds the latitude in the year 2 times.
Sun disc =Sun disc enlarged by the fold of 4,9 (linear enlarged) excessively large, serves only a better visualization, actual size of the mean sun disc 0,5338° +/- 1,7% during the year, plus the astronomical refraction at approximately 0,6°.
Attention All times are local times (LT), note time difference in countries with summer time. For example, for Germany in the summer months: Add +1 hour to the local time.

Calculation formula for Lambda according to "Jean Meeus, Astronomical Algorithms, Willmann-Bell, Richmond 2000". Calculation of the mean star time Sternzeit with complete formula of the revision from 1984.

Monthly table
TS= Civil twilight (Start)
SR= Sunrise
SS= Sunset
TE= Civil twilight (End)
SD= Sunshine duration

Location and calculate for Berlin  

Date: 1-1-
TS:07:36 am
SR:08:22 am
SS:03:59 pm
TE:04:45 pm
SD:07:37 h
Date: 2-1-
TS:07:36 am
SR:08:22 am
SS:04:00 pm
TE:04:46 pm
SD:07:38 h
Date: 3-1-
TS:07:36 am
SR:08:22 am
SS:04:01 pm
TE:04:47 pm
SD:07:39 h
Date: 4-1-
TS:07:36 am
SR:08:21 am
SS:04:03 pm
TE:04:48 pm
SD:07:42 h
Date: 5-1-
TS:07:36 am
SR:08:21 am
SS:04:04 pm
TE:04:49 pm
SD:07:43 h
Date: 6-1-
TS:07:35 am
SR:08:21 am
SS:04:05 pm
TE:04:50 pm
SD:07:44 h
Date: 7-1-
TS:07:35 am
SR:08:20 am
SS:04:07 pm
TE:04:52 pm
SD:07:47 h
Date: 8-1-
TS:07:35 am
SR:08:20 am
SS:04:08 pm
TE:04:53 pm
SD:07:48 h
Date: 9-1-
TS:07:34 am
SR:08:19 am
SS:04:09 pm
TE:04:54 pm
SD:07:50 h
Date: 10-1-
TS:07:34 am
SR:08:18 am
SS:04:11 pm
TE:04:55 pm
SD:07:53 h
Date: 11-1-
TS:07:33 am
SR:08:18 am
SS:04:12 pm
TE:04:57 pm
SD:07:54 h
Date: 12-1-
TS:07:33 am
SR:08:17 am
SS:04:14 pm
TE:04:58 pm
SD:07:57 h
Date: 13-1-
TS:07:32 am
SR:08:16 am
SS:04:15 pm
TE:05:00 pm
SD:07:59 h
Date: 14-1-
TS:07:31 am
SR:08:15 am
SS:04:17 pm
TE:05:01 pm
SD:08:02 h
Date: 15-1-
TS:07:31 am
SR:08:14 am
SS:04:19 pm
TE:05:03 pm
SD:08:05 h
Date: 16-1-
TS:07:30 am
SR:08:14 am
SS:04:20 pm
TE:05:04 pm
SD:08:06 h
Date: 17-1-
TS:07:29 am
SR:08:13 am
SS:04:22 pm
TE:05:06 pm
SD:08:09 h
Date: 18-1-
TS:07:28 am
SR:08:12 am
SS:04:24 pm
TE:05:07 pm
SD:08:12 h
Date: 19-1-
TS:07:27 am
SR:08:10 am
SS:04:25 pm
TE:05:09 pm
SD:08:15 h
Date: 20-1-
TS:07:26 am
SR:08:09 am
SS:04:27 pm
TE:05:10 pm
SD:08:18 h
Date: 21-1-
TS:07:25 am
SR:08:08 am
SS:04:29 pm
TE:05:12 pm
SD:08:21 h
Date: 22-1-
TS:07:24 am
SR:08:07 am
SS:04:31 pm
TE:05:13 pm
SD:08:24 h
Date: 23-1-
TS:07:23 am
SR:08:06 am
SS:04:32 pm
TE:05:15 pm
SD:08:26 h
Date: 24-1-
TS:07:22 am
SR:08:04 am
SS:04:34 pm
TE:05:17 pm
SD:08:30 h
Date: 25-1-
TS:07:21 am
SR:08:03 am
SS:04:36 pm
TE:05:18 pm
SD:08:33 h
Date: 26-1-
TS:07:19 am
SR:08:02 am
SS:04:38 pm
TE:05:20 pm
SD:08:36 h
Date: 27-1-
TS:07:18 am
SR:08:00 am
SS:04:40 pm
TE:05:22 pm
SD:08:40 h
Date: 28-1-
TS:07:17 am
SR:07:59 am
SS:04:42 pm
TE:05:23 pm
SD:08:43 h
Date: 29-1-
TS:07:15 am
SR:07:57 am
SS:04:44 pm
TE:05:25 pm
SD:08:47 h
Date: 30-1-
TS:07:14 am
SR:07:56 am
SS:04:45 pm
TE:05:27 pm
SD:08:49 h
Date: 31-1-
TS:07:13 am
SR:07:54 am
SS:04:47 pm
TE:05:29 pm
SD:08:53 h

All times are local times (LT), note time difference in countries with summer time. For example, for Germany in the summer months: Add +1 hour to the local time. Times for twilight: Civil twilight, center of the sun disc is -6° below the true horizon. Times for sunrise and sunset: Top edge of the sun disc reaches or is below of the true horizon.

Elapsed time since 1 a. Chr., 01.01.0001
Seconds # 63620483823
Minutes # 1060341397
Hours # 17672356
Days # 736348
Weeks # 105192
Months # 24192
Leap years # 489
Days this year   365
Next leap year   2020
Julian calendar (now)   2457773.69239848 days
Mod. jul. calendar (now)   57773.1923984839 days
Rest times / year end, there still remain
Seconds - 29877775
Minutes - 497962
Hours - 8299
Days - 345
Weeks - 49
Months - 11
Rest time / year end, there still remain
-345 Days 19 Hours 22 Minutes 56 Seconds

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