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Because of the rotation of our earth is the local time different at different longitudes. Per 15 of longitude difference is the time difference on the prime meridian 1 hour. So the continents with the located contries on it are over several geographical longitudes, it is impractical to life with an own time, which is synchronized to the sun. For this reason, time zones were established and the earth was divided in "time sections".

Please note that a calculation of time zones on land are possible, the polar regions are excluded in a computation. In general, coastal areas will be assigned to 100 nautical miles of the country and the corresponding time zone.

If you would like to calculate for the selected location not the true time, synchronized to the sun, but the time according the corresponding time zone (watch), enable this checkbox.

Examples: Continent of Africa or Australia with several time zones, as well countries such the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Russia (CIS) with multiple time zones, China or Greenland with only one time zone or in countries with "real times", such as India, Iran, Afghanistan, Nepal, Burma or on many islands in the Pacific Ocean.